Document Scanning for the NHS

Hugh Symons has provided document conversion services to the NHS for more than 45 years, working with over 130 NHS Trusts. Initially we processed microfilm requirements and then, as technology evolved, document scanning for departmental requirements and support services through to Trust-wide scanning projects as part of larger digital transformation programmes.

We work with the following NHS sectors throughout the UK to help manage data more securely, efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Acute NHS Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts and Community NHS Trusts
  • General Practices
  • CCGs

Most of the time we provide a fully managed off-site secure scanning service to our NHS customers, but we have also set up on-site scanning where it has not been feasible to remove records for digitisation.

We have scanned over a billion images on high volume NHS Trust projects alone - our knowledge and expertise in processing health records is built upon the vast experience of converting a wide range of document types from NHS organisations.

Acute NHS Trusts

Hugh Symons scans for a variety of requirements within Acute NHS Trusts. This includes daily Legacy On Demand Scanning and Day Forward Scanning for major transformation projects where Trusts migrate paper-based health records libraries to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). These projects typically run for extended periods of time and include a phased rollout through to Business As Usual where all specialties within project scope are using digital health records in the EDMS.

Back Scanning services are frequently provided to Acute NHS Trusts as part of transformation programmes, but also as standalone requirements to convert volumes of hard copy filing to digital. Key drivers for Back Scanning are typically freeing up valuable real estate and improved control and data security over digital records under GDPR.

In addition to the high volume document scanning services Hugh Symons provides, we support a wide range of Departmental requirements. These are records that reside outside the Trust’s main health records library and when converted to digital format are accessible on specific systems rather than on the EDMS.

Mental Health Trusts and Community NHS Trusts

For our Mental Health and Community NHS Trust customers we often provide a Back Scanning service to help free up space and facilitate GDPR compliance. Records that we scan for Mental Health and Community NHS Trusts include:

  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability
  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Children in Need
  • Child Protection

General Practices and CCGs

Hugh Symons has provided document scanning services to General Practices (GPs) and CCGs for a number of years. Patient Records (predominantly stored in Lloyd George Wallets) have been digitised for CCGs and individual General Practices to enable scanned data to be loaded into existing EDMS such as Docman, EMIS Web and SystmOne. CCGs and GPs are able to achieve space savings, improved efficiency and data security (GDPR) benefits, and facilitate integrated health care using electronic Patient Records.

Private Healthcare

As well as working extensively within the NHS, Hugh Symons is the contracted document scanning services supplier to a number of Private Healthcare groups. We provide scanning services and archive management software that enables centralised control and storage of digital health records for Private Healthcare groups, with their local sites using Hugh Symons’ software to access digital records.