Day Forward Scanning

Hugh Symons provides Day Forward Scanning services to a number of NHS Trusts. This includes new paperwork that may be generated for individuals whose legacy health record has already been digitised or brand-new health records that are ‘born digital’.

Day Forward Scanning typically requires a short turnaround to ensure the most recent episodes of care are available digitally in the event of re-attendance. This will include Inpatient records which are scanned during Ward stay or when discharged, and Outpatient records which are scanned following the clinic appointment. Hugh Symons’ processes enable a swift and accurate turnaround of data within very tight SLAs. Automated procedures and comprehensive quality checks safeguard the integrity and accuracy of all scanned data.

We provide Day Forward Scanning services to organisations that out-source their document scanning completely and also to those operating an in-house scanning set up, but call on Hugh Symons to assist at certain times or for specific requirements.