Legacy On Demand Scanning

Hugh Symons has extensive experience of providing On Demand Scanning services for Legacy health records in advance of clinic attendances. We have worked on a number of major NHS Trust projects to transform paper-based filing in health records libraries to digital storage in Electronic Document Management Systems.

Our understanding of the key success factors is a critical component to the project planning in partnership with our NHS customers. As a highly flexible and agile organisation, we are able to provide outstanding support to our NHS partners, implementing tried and trusted methodologies based on best practice and lessons learned from similar projects for Legacy On Demand Scanning.

Working to tight SLAs, we ensure that digital records are available in NHS systems in advance of required clinic dates for access and review at the point of care. Sophisticated, automated and robust processes enable Hugh Symons to deliver health data quickly and accurately to the Trusts we work with. Further support is available for urgent requests for records in cases of late clinic add-ons or emergencies through our dedicated retrievals team.

We provide Legacy On Demand Scanning services to organisations that out-source their document scanning completely and also to those operating an in-house scanning set up, but call on Hugh Symons to assist at certain times or for specific requirements.